Frequently Asked Questions

What types of flashing does Flashing By Design (FBD) create?

Our flashing is specially designed to work with fiber-cement siding installation.

Why is FBD's flashing better than aluminum flashing?

FBD's flashing is made from premium G90 Galvanized Steel. Unlike aluminum flashing, galvanized steel flashing will NOT react with fiber cement siding. This means your siding project will last longer and look better.

What makes FBD flashing better than other steel flashing?

Flashing By Design creates flashing specifically for fiber cement siding applications, helping keep cement fiber siding the proper distance from roofs, decks, concrete, and all other problem areas. FBD's patented slip sheets and 2 inch trim pieces will make sure manufacturer's requirements are met and the siding is protected.

Are your flashings approved for use with fiber-cement siding?

Yes, some of the products we sell are approved for use with James Hardie. And some are recognized for use by other manufactures as best practice.

Does your 2 inch roof to wall flashing meet manufactures clearance requirements?

Yes, this patented design meets or exceeds all fiber-cement manufactures clearance requirements.

Will your slip sheet or plank flashing last longer or perform better than the felt or house wrap at the butt joint?

Yes, our patented slip sheet/plank flash works in almost the same matter as felt or house wrap. The difference is that we have a 1/4" lip at the top to stop wind driven rain from entering the wall cavity. We make it out of metal so that it won't collapse in the pocket. You see, felt, House wrap, or non ridged material collapse in the open pocket allowing water to penetrate the wall cavity. Not to say that felt and House wrap are not UV stable. Any UV light that is able to get through the butt joints will start to break down these products over time and fail. This is a product that is highly recommended by fiber-cement manufactures.

Are your drip caps better than Z-flashing?

I would say yes to that. The difference between the two products is the kick out on the outer edge. The Z-flashing has a 90 degree bend allowing rain water to run down the wall of the house. Where as the drip cap has a kick out to shed water away from the house and windows, allowing the siding and windows to last longer.

What are contractors saying about our custom steel flashing?

Contractors talking about 2" flashing trim pieces.

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